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Safety Policy

Our policy is to work safely, strictly following all safety procedures to deliver quality products and services with least damage to the health and environment.

We carry out all works adapting all safety procedures required in our scope of works.

Our workers will use safety Helmets, Safety boots and Safety Belts where necessary.

Our safety officer will submit a weekly report on progress including number of employees working on site and the man hours worked.

We shall have safety meeting each Monday Morning attended by all workers at the site.

All our workers will have basic entry awareness with regard to Healthy, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Special induction training will be given to different tradesmen.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the work area.

We provide suitable protective equipment as mentioned above to all our workers.

Ladders and scaffoldings will be placed and maintained strictly in accordance with safety producers.

All necessary electrical equipments will be used as per safety regulations.

We are a Gold Award certificate Winner for SAFETY EXCELLANCE issued by Leighton International for accomplishing 3,000,000 hours without a lost time injury during our MOTOROLA Project in the year 2007 - 2008