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Quality Policy

Buildcraft's quality policy includes proactive measures for health and safety of the environment. Systematic training of manpower (Workmen and Engineers) along the guidelines of “Five Levels of Gypsum Boards Finish” has enabled us to compartmentalize manpower as per different level of finishes required.

The level 5 finish is required to achieve the highest degree of quality by producing uniform surface and minimizing the possibility of joint photographing and / or fastener head "burning through" the final decoration.

With our experience, we have evolved our own system of quality assurance. This unique system called, "the zero watt" checking system ensures a stage-wise quality appraisal, making the final job of ensuring the best quality finish, a methodical and systematized one. It would not be inappropriate to mention that BUILDCRAFT is the only company to have delivered “Level 5” quality ceilings with gypboard as against the traditional pop ceilings in hotel and hospitality industries. Adoption of levels of Gypsum Finishes is considered the Dry Wall Industry equivalent to ISO Standard.