Patina illustrates the acquired change of natural surfaces through age and exposure. The multitudes of contrasting textures and divergent surfaces creates a non plus  ultra in any given space. Stone, Copper, Bronze, Wood.. Coordinate your space through the rediscovery of  Patina.

Patina – Sulphur Oxide

A thin gold layer, that forms on a surface as a result of natural corrosion

Patina – Copper Rust

This connection explores the rustic hues within the corrosion of Metallic surfaces

Patina – Wood Bark

The subtle shift of color on old wood installations can create a beautiful gradation  effect on to the floor plane.

Patina – Blue Steel

Inspired by the fine greenish-blue film that forms naturally on metals over a period of time…  This set can be used as a natural gradation leading up to an dynamic accent.


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