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Manpower – Cultivating Spirit of Freedom

Human Resources are our most prized possession. Today we have 125 employees and above 450 skilled labourers on various projects. More than 30 % of who are with us for over 10 years. The senior most of them has been associated with the Group for over 22 years. We hire, train and retain, our most precious human resources, to further our mutual growth. Buildcraft as an organization and its Managers have grown together over the past. Buildcraft treats them like members of the family.

With regard to Buildcraft's HR practices it is always a 'pull' factor and never a 'push' factor. The Buildcraft team enjoys total freedom in operations and the managers are encouraged to function as entrepreneurs. Mistakes are treated as stepping stones for progress. Buildcraft allows total freedom to use company resources. The company cultivates true spirit of freedom among its employees. Apart from the management, the team leaders of the skilled workforce have also progressed.

Various team leaders have been associated with the company right through its growth. They enhance their strength from time to time to meet the demands. They are all happy being part of the Buildcraft's family. Skilled, dedicated and well-trained manpower is an absolute necessity for any interior decorator, especially one involved in white finishes. We have a large pool of over 250 false ceiling / dry wall specialists and 300 punning and painting personnel. A majority of these people are put through at training program, which enables them to upgrade and enhance their finishing skills.

Our well-trained and motivated team of project managers, project engineers and site engineers form an integral part of our human resource. Training programs on quality management, site and project co-ordination, motivation, manpower-management and safety management are held twice a year.